The Peruvian Paso Horse

Due to its isolation for more than 400 years, this equine variety has developed as one of the purest breed in the world. The Peruvian Paso Horse is descended from horses brought by Spaniards during the XVIth century.
The Paso came from several Europeans and Arabic breeds that amble and trot, it was selectively bred for the amble. In combination with others factors as the climate and the fodder, it has changed over generations to create a new breed with unique features in the world. It is now part of the Cultural Heritage of Peru and Peruvians have also their own tack as well as their own dressage methods.

Cheval de Paso en chemin pour les ruines incas dans le Canyon du Colca

It is distinguishable by a specific four-beat lateral gait called "Paso llano" which is made up of a harmonious pace and punctuated by a smooth ride in which the center of gravity of the horse remains almost stationary. The horse riding is thus comfortable, without vertical bounce, especially appropriate for these who never had ridden of their lives or for horse riders who want to discover this rare special feature. Unlike trotter horse, the developed amble of this horse is especially appropriate for long rides on varied and uneven land.
All of these qualities make up the Peruvian Paso Horse one of the most comfortable horses in the world! It will allow you to ride off the beaten track and discover the preserved nature of Arequipa and of the Colca in privileged conditions.

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Chevaux de Paso péruvien avec leur arnachement traditionnel
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