Hello !
I'm Thomas Montaigne, the founder of "Peru Exclusive" and Frenchman native of Brittany Region. In January 2010, after visiting a lot of Asian, European and North African countries, I decided to begin a long-term trip in South America. I was also interested in learning Spanish. I was able to discover several countries in a few months, and in May of the same year, I was fortunate to meet my future Peruvian wife in Arequipa, Peru.
Following this, I joined a travel agency on-site as an employee, and then founded a Tour-Operator with partners before creating my own agency a few years ago: Peru Exclusive!
I use my experience gained in France in project management and my degrees in administration of Social and Solidarity companies (NGO...) to conduct those activities. However, one thing is for sure, there's nothing like living on-site to understand a country, its culture and its inhabitants.
Within this agency, I work with Peruvian collaborators (guides, drivers, cooks…) who are enthusiasts and happy to make you discover their country. Indeed, Peru has a lot to offer owing to the rich civilizations that lived there, its diverse and impressive geography (the deserted coast, the Andes, the Amazon jungle), its gastronomy leader in South America and its population that believes in the future and always willing to joke.
I'm available to propose you a customized trip and make you discover this country that continues to impress me everyday.
Please don't hesitate to contact me by mail, phone or WhatsApp, I will get back to you quickly and I'll advise you according to your whishes and how you plan "your trip".
I look forward to hearing from you!
Thomas Montaigne

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